About us

The company was founded in 1990 when a portion of the employees left Međimurje Graditeljstvo – IPC group. Since the very beginning, with only five employees,we have exclusively been oriented towards the international market (to German speaking countries), where we work on the maintenance the Kienzle system. We develop tools used to port programs to more modern platforms (Unix,Windows).
We follow the development of markets and technologies and in 1996 we switched to Microsoft VBasic and Crystal Reports technology, focusing on the development of support programs for engineer inspection. With the advances in technology, the company also advanced with an increase in revenues and employing one more employee.
In 2000 we turn to Java technologies, with special focus on Apache Server, Sencha ExtJS and JasperReports in the past few years.
By keeping in pace with the latest trends in the mobile applications, we parallely developed Android and Windows Store applications.
In 2012 we separated the programming departments, R & D, accounting and finances and in 2014 the company has 8 employees.