DateTime in Java 8

Working with Dates in Java 8 is easy and intuitive. LocalDateTime currTime =; int currentYear = currTime.getYear(); int currentMonth... Continue reading →

Rule of 30

It’s more important to be careful in coming up with the right abstractions and algorithms and to write clean clear... Continue reading →

Useful features of Java 7

Folowing features are marked as most useful: ** Strings in switch ** try-with-resources statement ** Multi-catch this is allowed: catch... Continue reading →

try-with-resources Statement

static String readFirstLineFromFile(String path) throws IOException { try (BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(path))) { return br.readLine(); } } When... Continue reading →


For a specified measure, LISTAGG orders data within each group specified in the ORDER BY clause and then concatenates the... Continue reading →